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Our First Post

This is a space that I’ve longed for. Mike and I are technically both writers by trade, but I have spent a long time away from the craft. I have sat on the sidelines for many years now mostly because I am possibly the most critical person in the universe. And I have allowed myself to live in the fear of not being excellent. Fortunately, writing is a part of me. I wasn’t too keen on speaking but I have been writing since I knew the alphabet. I wrote and illustrated my first book when I was eight. Tragically, Mike and I read through it a few weeks ago and it was insanely morbid. I have no idea what was going on through my head at that point in my life. It worries me and makes me laugh simultaneously.

For introduction sake….

There are four in our little tribe. We have two beautiful little ones- Josiah Kai & Arabella Margeaux.

J. Mike and I met when he was an orientation counselor at North Carolina State. He wanted to pursue sports journalism and I was focused on sports broadcasting. We spent very little time together on that campus but reconnected many years later.

We both love traveling, sports, adventure, music, barbecue, sitting on the porch, and Big Boss Brewery. Our faith is at the center of who we are and everything we do. We are so excited to share our journey and our stories with you!



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