Can’t Get Enough: Beulah


John Paul White has been a long time favorite artist of mine. He was half of The Civil Wars and he just released his first post break up album.

In all honesty, I was really nervous about listening to the album. I wasn’t sure if it would be in alignment with his traditional style which made me nervous. When a duo breaks up you’re never quite sure what direction their solo career will take them. But there was absolutely no way that I could ignore Beulah’s existence. So I caved. Album purchased.


Photo from Casey Curry.

I generally don’t listen to a record in order. I always listen to the tracks that have the most entriguing titles first. “Black Leaf” is the first track on the album and for whatever reason I went with it. One measure in and i’m instantly mesmerized. His music always transports me into an incandescent melancholy. I feel every note. I love every line. I feel an immense gratitude for the gift JPW delivered in Beulah.

Buy the album. Listen to it with a glass of wine. And paint your heart out.

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