A Wedding in a Rose Garden

Every wedding is beautiful. Celebrating of the union of two individuals is always a remarkable event. The wedding we witnessed today was just a notch above the norm.


The wedding was in the Rose Garden in Raleigh. I’ve spent plenty of time there years ago when I performed at RLT. Never really thought much about it. But take the rose garden and make it the background of a wedding and it transforms into a place to marvel at.

The ceremony was lovely. The location, the dress, and the music were perfectly matched. Everyone’s faces were full of excitement. He was becoming hers, she was becoming his. And all who were in the audience were joined together in a moment of unification- commiting ourselves in friendship. But most importantly, it was such a privilege to witness two people who clearly have such a deep respect and adoration for one another. The entire place was saturated with love. Listening to they way they spoke of each other, their promises to one another, and the sweet words of their friends and family moved me to tears multiple times. I was inspired and encouraged. I felt compelled and charged to commit to seeing the positive in each person I encounter. To point out the greatness in my friends. To love and to set an example of love.


It is not often that you attend an event and leave feeling that you are a better person. But today was awe-inspiring. I am so grateful to have witnessed today. I am grateful that these dear friends have found each other. What a wondrous gift companionship is. But also how great is having a community of people to celebrate and support you. Congratulations friends.

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