there was one, then three, then none

Greenville is not a place that I frequent. Mike was making a trip there to cover two undefeated volleyball teams. I didn’t want to sit at home, so I packed up the kids and we headed down. It ended up being a rainy day, so my initial plan of exploring wasn’t going to happen. Mike needed a place to get work done and I am always on a search for new coffee places. So, I googled coffee places in Greenville and we found ourselves at Buzz Coffee.


It is right near ECU’s campus which worked out for us. I went for the coffee but I am writing this because of their donuts! I bought myself a coffee, and happened to order Mike a donut (the crazy man doesn’t drink coffee.) To my surprise, they tossed some batter into the fryer and cooked that bad boy right before my eyes. Mike said I had to at least try a bite, which I did. I immediately went back to the counter and ordered two more.


Seriously. They were delicious. If you ever find yourself in Greenville, you must try one! I also have to say that everyone there was super friendly. They didn’t cringe when we walked in with a baby and a toddler and took over the back corner. It was a really confortable, cute place with a killer playlist. It is a great place to get some writing done (if you’re not carrying around two kids.) And again, go for the donuts!!


These two stole one of my donuts. I still love them though.

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