with love from Sophia

Cageless Birds holds a special place in my heart. I stumbled across their album on Youtube about a year ago. I immediately went into iTunes and purchased it. I remember hearing Mt. Zion for the first time and replaying it ten subsequent times. It was one of those songs that got stuck in me for a week or more. It was the first song that my sweet Josiah ever sang along with. Some of his first words were words in that song. Mt. Zion became part of my own love song to the Lord.

Strangely enough, shortly after discovering them, I also started classes from WorshipU. Jonathan Helser teaches a few classes on there. Basically every time he opened his mouth I sobbed or had some huge heart moment. When I realized they were based out of the state that I live in (mind BLOWN!)  I had to search for every possible detail that I could find about their ministry in Sophia. I watched every video and read every word about their story, their heart, and their mission. I also purchased about everything that I could from their shop. I wanted so intensely to be a part of everything they do.

I found myself in the little nook in our office, with this History Book staring at the blank pages with pure excitement. The History Book & Volume 2 of their Cultivate series have been my two favorite items that I possess. I can’t speak to how much they have blessed my heart. Each page that I have filled in that book has documented my journey with God. And I read through them to remind me of his faithfulness and his character. The creativity in the pages of the Cultivate book encourages and inspire me to seek out the Lord in new ways, to invite him into my own creative spaces and to just spend time sitting at his feet.

A few days ago I received this package in the mail. Anytime I open a box marked from Sophia, NC I literally dance with joy. This book is as gorgeous as the first that I have. And now I get to try their coffee as well.

Seriously, what an amazing collection of talented individuals! If you are looking for a ministry to support, a local shop with excellent products, or a way to get inspired, please visit their site. Everything they produce, they do with an incredible level of craftsmanship. I feel the love behind each item. I sincerely cannot speak enough good words about their amazing work. So I urge you to find out for yourself.


2 thoughts on “with love from Sophia

  1. What an encouraging post! We are so honored to have a part in your story of growing closer to Jesus. Thanks for sharing this beautiful window into your own life. We are going to share this on our Facebook Page too! Please enjoy the MAKER COFFEE! It was roasted with love, right here in Sophia by yours truly! There is much more where that came from!

    Chris Miller
    Cageless Birds / MAKER COFFEE


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