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We have known for some time that we were in the midst of a transitional season. There have been so many aspects of our lives that have been open ended questions and we have taken our time in trying to find the answers.
We remember preparing for Arabella’s arrival and knowing that God was birthing something new in our lives and it wasn’t just this precious baby. We were preparing our hearts to get our world rocked. We didn’t know what was ahead, but we knew that it would be life altering.
The first night that we walked into a gathering for Soul Church, we sensed an overwhelming feeling of belonging.


This is something that I have struggled with since moving to NC, and an issue that has been magnified since entering motherhood. I have always chalked it up to not being a southern girl and growing up with a hodge podge of cultural experiences that vary strongly from the norm here. But in the short moment of listening to the heart of this church, I realized that this feeling I had battled with was only present because we just hadn’t found our home yet. (Ash)
We are excited to announce that we have finally found our home.
For much of my life, I grew up in a close-knit, small, country church where everyone knows each other – but more importantly, they all care deeply about each other. At the drop of a hat, they can rally around someone who needs it. It goes beyond the walls. The worship at Soul is far different from that church, and the service as well. But the mission to love one another and show care and grace beyond the church walls is something that I am drawn to. (Mike)
We are all broken and in need of community. People not only to live alongside, but to gather at the table and share our hearts with. To laugh with, to cry with, to dance off-beat with. We are a collection of people who have a genuine heart for this city and for the people in it. Who want to share the gospel out of the abundance of love fueled by what was done at the cross. If you have never felt comfortable in a church, this one is for you. We are passionate people who are united under a vision of see people find hope and life for their soul.
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If you live in the area and you are longing for spiritual family and for a place to call home, we encourage you to join us for the next social. You will get to hear the vision and heart behind Soul and you’ll meet all of the wonderful people involved. Believe me, you won’t want to miss it!
And specifically to our awesome musician friends- if you’re looking for a place to worship and jam out, hit Ashley up! We are building something really great and would love to have you.
Listen to the story behind Soul here:

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