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a state affair

As crazy as it sounds, Mike and I have never been to the fair together. The NC State Fair is one of his favorite events but with both of our schedules getting busy this time of year, we just hadn’t made it out.

I’ve always been indifferent to the fair’s arrival. I’m not big into eating extreme varieties of fried foods, and I certainly do not trust rides that travel around the country. So I didn’t have the conviction necessary to pack up two kids and enter the chaos of the fair. But we did it anyways.

We made sure to go at the beginning of the day before it was overcrowded. I was honestly surprised at how beautiful it was. The landscaping was incredible and felt like fall.

Luckily my sister came along so we had extra eyes and hands. We saw bands playing live music, charming gardens, and extraordinary craftmanship from the makers in the Village of Yesteryear. None of which I ever expected at the State Fair.

I wish we could have gone more days, but I am grateful that we got to experience it at all. And got to experience it as a family.

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