when words come alive

A melody that causes your heart to swell and forces tears to burst from your eyes. A photo that makes you want to reach out and live within it. The moving frames that tell a story. A piece of artwork that enables you to see through a different perspective. A collaboration of words that raise off the page and come alive.

When we create, we change the hearts of those around us, we change the world. We have to serve the calling that cries out of us to express wonder. When we choose to be diligent to the work that is placed within us, we are walking in obedience to our calling. The challenge begins with each new day. The challenge of finding the message that we have to share in this moment. And all that is created is a display of worship. It all points to the one who created it all.

Out of creativity I was formed. To create is my calling, it is my ministry, it is who I am. My job is not to make things beautiful. But to help people see the beauty that surrounds them and is within every living thing. My hope is to break down barriers, engage community, comfort those who are hurting, and point every heart towards Jesus. That is what I do at Soul Church. My job is funded fully off of what I am able to raise. Would you consider partnering with me? $5, $25, $100… There is no right amount, I am overjoyed with whatever you are able to give. I can’t do this alone, and I wouldn’t want to.


You can give here, and read more about my role as creative director at SOUL here.


Also please check out our SOULmail,

A creative way to be a part of what we are doing and also receive something unique in return.

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