a dream deferred is not dead

I was born a dreamer. I grew to believe that anything I could dream was possible. It was a logical progression in my mind that if I had a dream that I wanted to pursue which seemed morally good, then God will allow it to be. I now laugh at the thoughts of my youth. I have had many dreams along the way, but one specifically that I clung to in my heart. And through the years it became weathered, torn, and entangled with the doubt and disappointment that the long seasons of waiting can bring.

We are all creatives. It is human nature. But I believe that some of us have to create. That we have to find new ways to express what is inside of us. That we use every possible method to communicate, not just language. And as much as I love the beautiful gift of words, I don’t always know the right ones to justly convey the intensity within myself. I create so that I may live. When I am not creating, I feel like I am holding my breathe – restraining myself from something it needs most.

I have been working for a few years now in how to incorporate worship and ministry into what I do creatively. Turns out worship and ministry fuels my creativity. So this has become my full time job. There are no words for my excitement or the joy in my heart. I have found a church home that inspires me to dream again and that I can dream alongside. As creative director here, I am able to do what I was made to do. My role at Soul is funded completely by the support of you wonderful and generous people. So I ask you to partner with us. Your gifts are tax deductible and immensely appreciated.

My dreams are awakening. They are not dead. And my hope is for more than myself, but to be able to serve the wonderful city of Raleigh. And also to encourage connectivity. Do you want to be part of something that resembles the glory of heaven? If any of the things I said above resonate in you – then we are for you. Soul is a place where you belong. If you already have an awesome church family, that is wonderful! Please consider partnering with us through giving.

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