i hear the cadence of revival

Soul is launching January 22. I know I keep saying how excited I am. My emotions toward our launch are way larger than just excitement. There is a weight of expectation and honor that surrounds me. The heaviness of what I sense is coming is vast. When I sit here thinking about Soul, I see God pouring out his heart for the people of this city. I am moved with compassion and with gratitude. Somehow our team has been chosen to be part of this incredible movement that is taking place. God has chosen to put his hand of favor upon us and thrust a momentum shift in Raleigh. This city is constantly growing and changing. More and more it is in need of truth and hope. More and more people are longing for a place to call home.

We are not all alike. We have different personalities, perspectives, and backgrounds. This isn’t a cool kids club. What we are, is family. We are passionate about loving people well, serving others, and creating community. No one should have to face life alone. We weren’t meant to. We are meant to gather. To laugh together, eat together, cry together, pray together.

This generation has been waiting to see church done differently. A church shouldn’t just be a building, but a community. Relationships matter. What if we lived like the church in Acts? “All the believers were one in heart and mind… they shared everything they had.” Not just possessions, but experiences.

Something incredible is happening here at Soul. I invite you to be a part of it. Sunday January 22 we will have our first official service at 10am at Centennial Middle School. You should be there.

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