I have been learning about courage, and didn’t even know it.
Six month’s ago, a friend shared Kristene DiMarco’s live version of Take Courage with me. It instantly became my heart song. I remember questioning why. No part of me felt like I needed courage. I felt grounded and confident. We were stepping out in faith in a number of areas in our life, but I was full of expectation and had no fear. I knew that I was exactly where I needed to be.
I’ve always prayed to have a faith and steadiness like Paul. Well that is a dangerous prayer. (Ashley, what were you thinking??) Being steady is one of my biggest struggles in life. I am at constant extremes. Fiery hot or ice cold. I’m not one to live in the middle. The Lord has definitely bless me with a husband who is always steady. He very rarely wavers. I admire him so much for that. I desire to be steadfast in my pursuit of the Lord. I know now that this requires resilience. I have to fight each day to keep hope in front of my eyes. I have to choose to tear down all the doubt and fear that creeps up like fervent weeds. I have to refuse to feed those anxious thoughts that will consume me.
I have to believe in the goodness of God. And believe that His overwhelming love for me is not based on anything I could do. That he is right here in the waiting to comfort and encourage my heart. The waiting tends to be the most precious times. Because it is when the Lord reinforces who His is. And knowing his goodness – regardless of your external circumstance creates a power within you that can withstand the storm.
“Hold onto your hope,
as your triumph unfolds,
He’s never failing.”

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