you cannot tame what was made to be wild

I have become tame and tethered to fear.

I have always thought, “If I could just tame myself, then I could be pleasing to the world.”  Maybe I could then be viewed as appropriate. I know that probably seems strange to those who know me because I don’t often try to fit in. But there is always part of me that knows it would be easier just to be like everyone else.

But I believe that God has made me wild. I believe that my idea of taming has only brought me anxiety and worldly expectations that crush me with an unbearable weight. I believe that God has called me to have a reckless faith that I can only have in the fullness of my freedom. I believe he has called me to be bold in obedience. To be wildly strong in my identity as His daughter, and weak by the world’s standard – relying solely on the strength of my father.

I heard someone ask what to do about a strong-willed child, and the response was to train them up in what to be strong-willed for. I have spent so much of my time trying to smother this oversized, awkward passion when I need not apologize for who I am. I only need to refocus what is at the heart of it all.

I refuse to be captive by fear. I refuse to be afraid of truly living. I refuse to allow an environment to dictate who I need to be. I refuse to run from the tension. I will stay in the midst of it until the Father’s work is complete in me.

I choose freedom. I choose to believe the truths that God has stamped on my heart. I choose not to operate out of my brokenness, but to live out of the love the Father has portioned for me – His limitless love.

3 thoughts on “you cannot tame what was made to be wild

  1. This is so good! Be YOU, Ashley! God’s greatest version of you isn’t the box people want to put you in. So excited to see how God uses the full YOU!


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