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fire & a princess

The last few weeks have been intense, and these two haven’t missed a beat, or slowed down even for a second. They just keep growing before my eyes. I watch their capacity of understanding expand, I see their adventurous hearts becoming less and less aware of fear, I see the boldness in them that I don’t even yet have.

They love each other way more than they care about me, but somehow I find that absolutely wonderful. Even though they make each other cry occassionally, they are constantly trying to lift the other up.

On this particular day, they joined together in their efforts to destroy me. I was becoming so overwhelmed, that I just decided to pull out my camera and take shots of them. Because when I remove my feelings and “struggle-bus” emotions out of the equation, they’re just adorable. I thought I would be writting about all the hard things behind the beautiful photos. Too often, when in the struggle, I choose to only see the struggle. But there was a better storyline taking place that I wasn’t aware of.

I collapsed into a bed of pillows on the floor after a crazy day of screams, poop where it shouldn’t be, disobedience, and insanity, and laughed to myself. All of their crazy acts were together. They drove me up a wall, but they made each other laugh. They gave each other hugs. They took care of each other. When I look at these two faces, I know that no matter what comes at them in life, they have each other. And when they fight together, nothing can stand in their way. I am so blessed by their friendship and honored to call them mine.

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  1. They are indeed gorgeously precious my sweet friend. It always catches me off guard the things I am able see through a camera lens that oftentimes I would miss otherwise – I sometimes think that a camera can give me the eyes of God…focused only on the greatness of beauty in the small things. You are an amazing mama – beautiful, strong, messy and wonderful. These pictures are perfect. 💕

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