what disappointment brings

So many of us have been sharing mixed reactions towards 2017 ending. I’ve read many stories weighed down in sadness. For me, 2017 was filled with great joy and laced in disappointment. I’ve been reflecting on deep disappointments lately – how they affect us and what purpose they serve. I would love if I could always see the goodness in every negative situation, but often I have to sit and wait for clarity. Disappointment is a strange beast that can birth so many other emotions. It tends to be a difficult one for me to break through. So I do what I always do, when I don’t know what to do, I run into the arms of my Abba.

Disappointment summons us to a meeting place with Jesus. It calls out the deepest parts of our scared heart and allows us to offer ourselves fully over to the healer. It allows us to mourn next to the best of all friends. Then when the time comes, overflow with laughter. Those moments with our friends are the one that develop friendships, right? When you realize someone is in it with you in all moments – good or bad. Those are the moments that solidify closeness.

Disappointment brings me to the feet of my Abba and reminds me of what is so beautiful about our relationship.

He is in every moment. His abundance is in every moment. The circumstantial situation is irrelevant, the relationship — well it’s everything. There’s beauty in every broken moment when you’re not alone. And He, dear friends, is always close to us.

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