when you feel like you’re unraveling

…. there’s more to your story.
I have had countless moments of what I like to refer to as “the glorious unraveling.” When everything you hold dearly is tossed aside and you live on pure grace. When you are facing intense struggles but you are confidently resting in the arms of the Father and you simply have a seat to the show of your life. You don’t fret the chaos and joyfully applaud the miracles. These are such beautiful times.
The feeling of unraveling, of course, is not always as glorious as I would like it to be. Sometimes it feels like you’re blindsided. All of a sudden it’s not just your environment that becomes dangerous, but who you are is being forcefully challenged. You try, with all your might, to grab hold of what you value, for fear that it will be lost, but your grasp is easily shaken. Sometimes it feels like you’ve been left with nothing, dropped in an unfamiliar, barren land, covered with open wounds, with no one in sight. That’s the unraveling that I’m talking about.
It is so easy to unravel when you allow let it happen. When you release and let nature take its course. Those times that you go down clawing and swinging and trying your hardest to stop what is happening, well those aren’t easy. You look down and realize all the damage that was done, was by your own hands – fighting the wrong way. And as much as you want to mourn the pieces of yourself that were shed, you might miss the new path that is forming in front of you.
I’ve never been thrown a devastating, life-altering event, that didn’t lead me to a new and better place. As many times as I have cried my eyes out over the loss of something, God has never left me somewhere broken. I believe that we should mourn loss, and I believe we should invite the Lord beside us while we do. I also believe, with all my heart, that at some point you just gotta get up and keep moving. It is always easy to see how things work out when you are looking back on your life. But in the hard moments, you have to have faith that goodness will come when you move your feet. Keep going when it feels like crap, and let the Lord love you back to life. Our stories still have so much to say. You decide what is written on the pages.

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