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oils after baby

I wanted to give a short list of the oils that have had the biggest impact in postpartum life! I’m honestly so grateful for having essential oils this time around. Here are our most used oils and how we use them!


+ gentle baby // relaxation! we diffused nightly, also made rollers for A & Lo. It’s just my favorite fragrance.

+ digize // I have issues with nausea that this was great for, also used (diluted) for baby’s gas and A’s constipation.

+ lavender // comforting & calming. used in diffuser, in a roller, also combined with frank & witch hazel for an amazing face mist! lavender can seriously be used for SO many things!

+ panaway// for muscle tension and relaxation

+ Ningxia // I love this drink! It is filled with antioxidants. and just made me happy to know I’m filling my body with goodness when I need it most!

+ cypress // awesome for getting rid of cellulite!!!

+ grapefruit chapstick // just the best. I carry it wherever I go.

These oils have been immensely helpful postpartum! And most of them come in the premium starter kit! We have seriously used every single one of the oils that it comes with. If you’re interested in more information on the kit, check this page out.

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