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three birthdays & two cakes

All of our kids are born within a span of four weeks. With the addition of a new babe, it’s be a whirlwind of sorts and I haven’t had much time to think about our kids entering a new year of life.

This was actually the third birthday celebration but for whatever reason it’s the one that hit me in the deepest way – I have a four year old! Each day they grow bigger and smarter but still the milestones amaze me. Somehow in five short years, I went from one individual to a family of five.


So a little about Arabella. She is hilarious and adventurous. She has no intent of sitting still or slowing down. She loves to sing and dance, and has a ton to say (even if she doesn’t have the words to say it all.) She loves her brother and sister a ton. If you ask her who her best friend is, it is always and only “bubba.”

Josiah on the other hand is inquisitive, thoughtful, always interested in learning. He has a super sweet heart, and loves being the leader of his siblings. He loves superheroes and donuts (but also eats more vegetables than any kid I know.)


So happy birthday to my babes. They fill our lives with love, wonder, and lots of poop.

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