chasing sunlight

Our headlights went out. It happened at an inconvenient time. Headlights or not, I had promised to take the kids to see my aunt before she got on a flight. Time flew by and the next thing we knew, it was already after when we had planned to leave. So I bundled everyone up in the car, threw on the gps to look for the shortest route, then it was a race with the setting sun. Traffic was much worse than I had anticipated. With the fair, normal 6pm traffic, plus events happening downtown, there wasn’t a timely route to get home before night fell. I wasn’t really worried until I saw the speed that the sun was disappearing and started to think through how dark our country road is. So I drove as diligently as I could. When we were about ten minutes from the house, it was already dark and the light was dwindling. A car was driving in front of me, under the speed limit. In a frustrated manner, I prayed that the lord would move the car out of our way so we could get home before there was no sunlight left. Suddenly, there was a moment of clarity.

“Maybe I put the slow car in front of you because I know you won’t make it home before it’s dark. So I would rather you have a slow way to light your path, then to be quickly rushing into darkness.”

Sometimes the very thing we are praying away, is the very thing you need.

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