is contentment a dirty word?

Sometimes I win the day, and sometimes I lose. Neither have anything to do with the events of the day, but rather with the condition of my heart.

what disappointment brings

So many of us have been sharing mixed reactions towards 2017 ending. I’ve read many stories weighed down in sadness. For me, 2017 was filled with great joy and laced in disappointment. I’ve been reflecting on deep disappointments lately – how they affect us and what purpose they serve. I would love if I couldContinue reading “what disappointment brings”

i hear the cadence of revival

Soul is launching January 22. I know I keep saying how excited I am. My emotions toward our launch are way larger than just excitement. There is a weight of expectation and honor that surrounds me. The heaviness of what I sense is coming is vast. When I sit here thinking about Soul, I see God pouring out his heartContinue reading “i hear the cadence of revival”

when words come alive

A melody that causes your heart to swell and forces tears to burst from your eyes. A photo that makes you want to reach out and live within it. The moving frames that tell a story. A piece of artwork that enables you to see through a different perspective. A collaboration of words that raise off the pageContinue reading “when words come alive”