he asked for butter, and a biscuit

I joke about not being domesticated. In a traditional sense, I am not. In any way. BUT, I do have seasons where I fall in love with baking. This is one of them. So this morning Josiah asked for biscuits and who am I to say no to an amazing idea like that?!

So here is my favorite biscuit recipe.

a state affair

As crazy as it sounds, Mike and I have never been to the fair together. The NC State Fair is one of his favorite events but with both of our schedules getting busy this time of year, we just hadn’t made it out. I’ve always been indifferent to the fair’s arrival. I’m not big intoContinue reading “a state affair”

a place to call home

We have known for some time that we were in the midst of a transitional season. There have been so many aspects of our lives that have been open ended questions and we have taken our time in trying to find the answers. We remember preparing for Arabella’s arrival and knowing that God was birthingContinue reading “a place to call home”

a festival in the mountains

Mike put the Apple Festival on our calendar months ago. It is an event that my family has gone to for years. Ever since Mike and I have been married we have joined in. I basically love any excuse to get up to the mountains. We tend to find ourselves on the eastern coast ofContinue reading “a festival in the mountains”

A Wedding in a Rose Garden

Every wedding is beautiful. Celebrating of the union of two individuals is always a remarkable event. The wedding we witnessed today was just a notch above the norm. The wedding was in the Rose Garden in Raleigh. I’ve spent plenty of time there years ago when I performed at RLT. Never really thought much about it. But take theContinue reading “A Wedding in a Rose Garden”