Why We Use Essential Oils

image1We were introduced to essential oils when we were desperate to help our daughter with her allergies. She was sick constantly and nothing was helping her. I made a cry out for help for recommendations on social media and a dear friend mailed us a blend to try. Arabella had immediate relief. After that, oils have quickly begun to change our entire family. They help in so many different areas that I would never have imagined.

Oils especially helped in the last weeks of pregnancy with various issues like nausea, energy, sore muscles, sleep, sickness prevention, and skincare.)

Long story short, Young Living’s oils provide solutions to everyday problems.

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A lot of people ask the question:

“Can’t I just buy Essential Oils from a grocery or drug store?”

Essential oils are not regulated therefore companies can put any filler or additive into what they call an “essential oil.” Most of what you will find at the grocery store is either another ingredient altogether or has toxic fillers in it.

When you are using essential oils on your body for any reason related to health or skin care, it is very dangerous to use these types of oils and can actually bring more harm. You can have reactions to these types of oils and they can make conditions worse.

Young Living essential oils are 100% therapeutic grade. Within 20 minutes of applying oils, they can be found in every cell in your body! These pure oils are distilled from the “lifeblood” of plants and contain the plant’s own immunity, hormones, and scents. When you pick a rose and break off the stem, you’ll always notice there is a bit of watery substance. This is the source that the pure essential oil comes from. And this God-given source was intelligently created to benefit our whole body!!!

Young Living has rigorous testing and standards for their oils. No fillers are ever added to Young Living’s oils and no toxins are present. In fact, they don’t even use pesticides or herbicides on their crops or soil so that toxins won’t be present. Anything that comes from a farm outside of Young Living’s farms must meet these strict standards as well. You actually can visit the Young Living farms anytime you want and see their methods of growth and testing. That’s how open they are about their purity. You can also see YL’s seed to seal promise on their website. “Seed to Seal” is not a slogan, it’s who Young Living is!

One thing we love, just as much as the products, is the culture. Young Living has created an amazing culture that aligns with our family values. They care about their people! We have met so many incredible people through this organization. They say “we create a product for a purpose, not a profit.” We have their products in our lives because we believe in them, and because they bring value to our home, not because we want to sell a bunch of things.

29665284_10104247631853603_7287481702234103901_oYou are not alone!

I have talked to so many people who are interested in oils but don’t know where to start!! I know it can be intimidating, but that’s why I am here! Our oil community is an AMAZING resource to help guide your journey! When you buy a kit, you get the benefit of these incredible oils, PLUS you become part of our fam. We will rally around you to help support you and your home towards your wellness goals!


The best way to get started is to get the Premium Starter Kit with the 11 most popular oils and a diffuser by signing up as a WHOLESALE member for Young Living.

When you sign up, you will gain a community!!

Join the tribe here: click this link.

If you are ready to join the tribe, two things that I recommend:

First, choose your Premium Starter Kit and second is enroll in Essential Rewards.

Make sure you click the box that says make this my first essential rewards order!

When you choose to make your starter kit your first essential rewards order, you are signing up for a monthly ordering program that gives you the ability to earn free products, rewards points, loyalty gifts and make the switch to non-toxic living simple. (Plus if you are a part of this monthly program you are able to receive referral commission.)


Essential Rewards is a wellness box that you curate each month! You can choose any oils, household products, supplements or more to be delivered to your door. Each month you simply log in and choose the items you want! It is absolutely one of my favorite things about young living!


To review, enrolling in Essential Rewards gives you:

Up to 25% back in points, eligibility for monthly promotional items, and loyalty gifts at 3, 6, 12 months!

if you need ideas for your next essential rewards order, here’s a few of my favorite things:

  • Gathering
  • Deep Relief Roller
  • Anything thieves
  • Valor
  • Grapefruit oil
  • Sacred Mountain

Once you grab your kit, you’ll get a welcome package from me with everything you need to get plugged in!

Have more questions? We have a number of helpful videos on our YouTube channel. Also, always feel free to reach out!

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